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Embird is the name of the paid machine embroidery design software developed by BALARAD, s.r.o. for Microsoft Windows. The purpose of this software is to create designs, edit them, and save as machine-compatible instructions that can be downloaded into a sewing machine and run by it. Also referred to as Basic Embird, this software provides the core of BALARAD's other software products such as Embird Studio. Embird is distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis, and demo versions are available for direct downloading from the program's official website.

Functionally, Embird comprises two distinct feature parts: Embird Manager and Embird Editor. Embird Manager takes care of all file-handling business, providing support for numerous (around 60) file formats used by different embroidery machine manufacturers. In addition to thread catalogs and 3D design preview, it can directly read and write memory cards or USB sticks formatted by many embroidery machines and has built-in support for a wide range of hoop types and sizes.

The other part of Embird's functionality is dedicated to creating embroidery designs by applying multi-colored stitches according to a pattern that may have been created earlier by way of digitizing. When it comes to editing, Embird Editor offers a rich set of tools to split or join designs, adjust stitch density, perform smart color sorting, and even simulate sewing in 3D. In addition to that, Embird Editor readily works with text thanks to its pre-digitized fonts.

Publisher: © 1997-2017 BALARAD, s.r.o.

Site: http://www.embird.net

File formats: BMP.BMP, PAT.PAT, PCD.PCD, PCX.PCX, PSF.PSF, TGA.TGA, TIF.TIF, TIFF.TIFF, PNG.PNG, GIF.GIF, SVG.SVG, DAT.DAT, TXT.TXT, EMF.EMF, WMF.WMF, JFIF.JFIF, JPE.JPE, JPEG.JPEG, JPG.JPG, SPX.SPX, E01.E01, STC.STC, DST.DST, DXF.DXF, PSD.PSD, MAX.MAX, STX.STX, EMD.EMD, CMX.CMX, VIP.VIP, EDR.EDR, PCM.PCM, SSP.SSP, ECF.ECF, JPX.JPX, SST.SST, Z01.Z01, ART.ART, ART42.ART42, ART50.ART50, ART60.ART60, ART70.ART70, DSB.DSB, Z02.Z02, Z03.Z03, Z04.Z04, Z05.Z05, Z06.Z06, Z07.Z07, Z08.Z08, Z09.Z09, Z10.Z10, Z11.Z11, Z12.Z12, Z13.Z13, Z14.Z14, Z15.Z15, Z16.Z16, Z17.Z17, Z18.Z18, Z19.Z19, Z20.Z20, Z21.Z21, Z22.Z22, Z23.Z23, Z24.Z24, Z25.Z25, Z26.Z26, Z27.Z27, Z28.Z28, Z29.Z29, Z30.Z30, Z31.Z31, Z32.Z32, Z33.Z33, Z34.Z34, Z35.Z35, Z36.Z36, BAK.BAK, PCS.PCS, ANS.ANS, KLC.KLC, JFI.JFI, SSD.SSD, DSG.DSG, PLT.PLT, PHC.PHC, F14.F14, U14.U14, PES.PES, EXP.EXP, VP3.VP3, EMB.EMB, Z00.Z00, F13.F13, U13.U13, TAP.TAP, E09.E09, F09.F09, U09.U09, E10.E10, F10.F10, U10.U10, BRO.BRO, SSS.SSS, E11.E11, F11.F11, U11.U11, E14.E14, NEW.NEW, E13.E13, PTN.PTN, F12.F12, U12.U12, XXX.XXX, CSD.CSD, 10O.10O, DSZ.DSZ, HQF.HQF, HUS.HUS, JEF.JEF, KSM.KSM, M3.M3, PEC.PEC, QLI.QLI, SEW.SEW, SHV.SHV, TBF.TBF, T09.T09, U24.U24, U25.U25, E31.E31, FCM.FCM, CMD.CMD, U02.U02, U03.U03, U04.U04, VP4.VP4, CQP.CQP, OFM.OFM, 9MM.9MM, E02.E02, E03.E03, E04.E04, E05.E05, E06.E06, E07.E07, E08.E08, E12.E12, E15.E15, E16.E16, E17.E17, E18.E18, E19.E19, E20.E20, E21.E21, E22.E22, E23.E23, E24.E24, E25.E25, E26.E26, E27.E27, E28.E28, E29.E29, E30.E30, E32.E32, E33.E33, E34.E34, E35.E35, E36.E36, EOF.EOF, EXY.EXY, F01.F01, F02.F02, F03.F03, F04.F04, F05.F05, F06.F06, F07.F07, F08.F08, F15.F15, F16.F16, F17.F17, F18.F18, F19.F19, F20.F20, F21.F21, F22.F22, F23.F23, F24.F24, F25.F25, F26.F26, F27.F27, F28.F28, F29.F29, F30.F30, F31.F31, F32.F32, F33.F33, F34.F34, F35.F35, F36.F36, FXY.FXY, GT.GT, INB.INB, JAN.JAN, M1.M1, M2.M2, M4.M4, MIT.MIT, PCQ.PCQ, PHB.PHB, PUM.PUM, T01.T01, T03.T03, T04.T04, T05.T05, U01.U01, U05.U05, U06.U06, U07.U07, U08.U08, U15.U15, U16.U16, U17.U17, U18.U18, U19.U19, U20.U20, U21.U21, U22.U22, U23.U23, U26.U26, U27.U27, U28.U28, U29.U29, U30.U30, U31.U31, U32.U32, U33.U33, U34.U34, U35.U35, U36.U36, UXY.UXY, ZXY.ZXY, EEF.EEF, 4QB.4QB, IQP.IQP, MQR.MQR, QCC.QCC